So, you want to start a FBLA chapter at your high school? Here is a brief overview
on how the chapter charter process works.
    Tennessee state dues are $4 and national dues are $6 per year.

Visit the national FBLA Website and fill out a request for the
                Chapter Organizational Packet
Write or call the FBLA-PBL state chairman at the following address
               or telephone number to obtain a new chapter organization packet
               with FBLA-PBL information:

Ms. Iris Hick, TN FBLA-PBL State Chairman
TN Department of Education
710 James Robertson Parkway
Andrew Johnson Tower - 4th floor
Nashville, TN 37243

Talk to students, school administrators, and faculty to create interest in organizing a local chapter of FBLA or PBL.                     Learn more about FBLA by browsing and posting on the Message Boards, viewing TN FBLA News, reviewing the                         Newsletter, or contact the TN FBLA State Officers with any questions. Show the FBLA Video to your friends to gain                    support for FBLA at your school.

Review materials received from the FBLA-PBL state office and/or national office.

Plan an organizational meeting. Elect officers (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, historian, etc.). Appoint                  temporary committees-bylaws and membership-to complete the prerequisites for chartering/reactivating.

Review the sample bylaws provided in the new chapter organization packet before writing the local chapter bylaws.                      (New bylaws are not required-but strongly suggested-for reactivated chapters.)

Submit the following items to the FBLA-PBL state chairman at the above address:
a. New chapter/reactivation application including list of members and newly elected officers.
b. Copy of local chapter bylaws (optional for reactivated chapters).
c. Check for charter fee or reactivation fee ($20) along with national dues (FBLA Middle Level - $4 per member;                   FBLA - $6 per member; PBL - $10 per member) and state dues (FBLA Middle Level - $2 per member; FBLA -                             $4 per member; PBL - $6 per member) combined, made payable to FBLA-PBL, Inc.

Plan an installation ceremony. Present the chapter charter and membership cards received from the national office.                     (Charters will not be sent to reactivated chapters.)

Participate in state and national events.

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